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Where can I see your products?

Theia Tiles showroom is located at Rua Nova do Almada N1– 1200-288 Lisboa. To schedule a visit to our studio, please make an appointment

Where are your products made?

All our products are made in Portugal. Our country, amongst other things, is well known for its quality and tradition in ceramic craftsmanship. 

I need an estimate or more information about a product. Who should I contact?

Our Sales team is available to answer any product inquiries you may have and prepare an estimate for you. E-mail regarding your project. You will be contacted briefly after.

I want to place an order. How can I do it?

Please send us an e-mail to with your request and your company details (name, address, telephone and email contact, website and VAT if applicable) and you will be contacted by our sales team soon after.

Which are the payment terms?

Proforma invoice orders will require a 50% advance deposit to begin production and the balance prior to shipping from Portugal (until 15 days before expedition date).

Payment must be made by account transfer (in Euro €) and a confirmation of the transfer (with receipt) must be sent by e-mail to your sales contact or to Proformas should be signed and stamped by the client as a form of approval of the described content.

All pieces are a property of Mambo Factory, Lda. until payment in full is received. Mambo Factory, Lda. reserves the right to delay the dispatch date until the balance payment of the order is received.

Please check our full Terms and Conditions guide here for more information.

Return Policy

Because our products are handmade per order and according to client specifications, we are not able to offer returns.


Do you offer customizations of your products?

Yes, we offer customization services. E-mail for more information.


Do you stock products?

 All of our products are made to order which contributes to the uniqueness of each piece, we do not stock our products.

Do you offer trade pricing?

Yes, we offer special pricing to members of the trade; applicants should send us an e-mail to with your request and your company’s details (name, address, telephone and email contact, website and VAT if applicable) and you will be contacted by our sales team soon after.

Can I change or amend the invoice provided?

Alterations are allowed in the proforma before the order confirmation (before advance payment). After we begin production (after the downpayment), alterations are not allowed.


Where are your terms and conditions?

Please visit the Terms & Conditions page here.

Do you provide installation instructions?

Yes, you can download our placement instructions here.

How do I clean and care for my new Theia Tiles?

Our priority is to provide you with the highest quality of materials and therefore we very much value the care given to our products in post-sales. For that reason we have composed a Care and Maintenance Guide, which you can download here.

How can I get samples?

We have a sample box (which includes our tiles options). Each box costs 190€ + shipping.

You can see our sample box in detail by clicking here.

When does the production of my order start?

The production process starts after you receive the invoice and confirm it by sending the 50% advance payment required, as soon as your payment reaches our account.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to most countries around the world directly from Lisbon. A Shipment Details Form can be downloaded here and will also be provided by your Account Manager when placing an order with Mambo Factory Lda. Without sending this form to your Account Manager there will be no transport quotes given or transport arranged. Please contact us for more information regarding the shipping of your products or check our Selling Terms and Conditions for more information regarding our transport policies.


What is the difference between “order date” and “shipping date” and “transport time”?

Order date - When we confirm the transfer receipt in our account.

Shipping date - The predicted date for the goods to be ready to be shipped out.

Transport time - The transit time to ship the merchandise from the day the goods leave our facilities until it is delivered at the delivery address.

What happens to my order if I’m not present at the address when it arrives?

All shippings are reported to the client once the products leave our warehouse. After that, the shipping company will contact you to schedule the day of the delivery.

Can I change my delivery address?

Changes in delivery address are only allowed until the balance payment is done. In exceptional cases we may allow changes to the address after goods have been shipped, this however will translate into a surcharge that will be charged to the client.

Our products have Registered Design Protection. What does this mean?

A registered design protects the design of a product. It gives its owner the exclusive right to the design of that product and it can be used to deter others from copying it, or stop them from continuing to do so, without consent. A registered design therefore offers our brand a means of obtaining protection against copying.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

 As we are committed to ensuring that our client’s privacy is protected, we do keep a Privacy Policy which you can access by clicking here.

Do you have a Warranty Policy?

Yes we do have a warranty policy which can be found within our Selling Terms and Conditions, by clicking here.

Do you have an Environmental Policy?

Theia constantly invests in new solutions with the aim of preserving the environment. Our products are designed considering a series of ecological, health and sustainability criteria. All of our products are manufactured locally in our certified production facility.  Our tiles are produced of locally sourced earthenware, a product made of clay and water, wich is both simple and eco-friendly, The company classifies, separates and recycles all the waste it generates. To avoid unnecessary waste and minimize the use of energy and natural resources, Theia products are designed with a timeless aesthetic, away from short- term trends, to be durable. The products are subjected to tests, in independent laboratories, to ensure they meet strict international standards for quality, safety and durability. Thei is committed to manufacturing products that help create healthier, safer and more sustainable environments. The company continually invests and works to replace hazardous or harmful chemicals in its products as they arise new, safer and greener alternatives. With all this, Theia shows its full commitment to health, the environment and excellence towards the client. Click here to download our environmental policy.

Do you provide Certificates of Origin?

We may provide the following services for a special fee: Certificate of Origin, Authentication of Invoices, SASO Certificates. Please contact our sales team regarding prices.

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