theia creative tiles develops tiles for the creative expression of individuality and originality throughout spaces.
Spaces inspire feelings and the user’s experience is strongly influenced by textures, colours, visual and tactile sensations that all together build the atmosphere.
A continuously growing collection of Portuguese handmade tiles for covering surfaces, offers endless possibilities for meaningful surfaces for each different space, imbued with personality.

Research – Our design team is all about research, from which colours to use to which package is more efficient, through which images and materials capture our attention. Different individuality and personal interests play an important part as each team member contributes with an unique perspective upon the world. From this mosaic of different ways of seeing the world, Theia creative tiles’ creative process is enriched.
Handmade – We like the appeal of unique pieces made with traditional techniques. Our collection is born from the traditional crafts that have been perfected by Portuguese craftsmen: the work of handmade tiles with rich tradition in Portugal. All of our tiles are carefully made one by one, in a handmade production.
Tradition – Embracing our crafts heritage, while up to date with the innovations and creativity developments around the world, Theia creative tiles develops contemporary pieces with traditional Portuguese materials and techniques. This aspect is a constant in our creative process and produces high quality products: we mix what we do best – edgy creativity and experienced craftsman production.

Made for you

A relation of close collaboration with the universe of architects and interior designers allows the creation of endless custom solutions to each of their projects.

Theia creative tiles design team works closely with each client to design specific proposals to projects developed all over the world.
The inumerous variations made possible by the textured and the three dimensional tiles, along with the choice from a good range of colours, that allow  unicolor surfaces or combining different colours, result in a wide range of options and in a world of customized surfaces.

Theia creative tiles contract leads projects since the design creation to the expedition of the final product to the project site, throughout the manufacturing process, offering technical support at each step.


Claudia Melo was born in Lisbon in 1982. She studied Equipment Design in the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and has a degree in product design.
Claudia’s work includes product design, interior design, graphic design and art direction. Her designs were first exhibited in Experimenta Design 2003 in Lisbon, and since then have been featured in different countries as Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Asia and United States of America.

Working with mambo unlimited ideas since 2007, Claudia had already developed several rugs and accessories collections sold all over the world.

Ettero became Claudia’s first furniture collection for mambo unlimited ideas, launched in 2009 at Maison & Objet and has been growing with increasing prestige and success over the years. Inspired by her travels around the globe, Ettero is an interpretation of the 60’s integrated in a trip to the modern world, where everything is possible.

It was soon followed by the creation of a lighting collection, whose growth and recognition over the years made it became the autonomous brand Utu soulful lighting, from mambo unlimited ideas group.

Ana Ladeiro was born in Portimão in 1982. She studied Equipment Design in the Fine Arts University of Lisbon and later completed a degree in product design.

Ana has been developing work in the areas of interior design, fashion design, graphic design and product design.

Between 2007 and 2009, she was responsible for developing the fashion brand Harmour and its collections.

Working with mambo unlimited ideas since 2007, Ana has designed special edition rugs and furniture pieces to integrate the company’s collection.

From 2009 on, Ana has worked in the area of interior design, developing projects for private and contract clientes, both for the national and the international market. Her background on equipment design gives her approach a very functional and customized expression.


Our main objective while designing and producing our lighting pieces: assuring we offer creative and top quality products. That has been crucial to our increasingly growing recognition.

Our production is based in Portugal and in its historical traditional techniques of production, where we have skilled craftsman that carefully bring to life every single piece that we create.

We carefully control each step of manufacturing, in a close relation between our design and production teams. For each product we develop, the materials are carefully chosen and quality is closely controlled to assure the best finishing, resistance and durability.